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** February Poker League Result : 1st rosco, 2nd Danshot, 3rd avongirl **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st Marek76, 2nd 1945harry, 3rd Budgie 65, 4th dj.orange, 5th Procalc **
** February Naps Competition Result: 1st adamross, 2nd paulat, 3rd rolandcooper. KO Cup Winner Fist2k8. Most Winners Zidane123 **


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    donal reacted to Villa Chris in Racing Chat- Friday 29th July   
    Batcio non runner so replace with Freewheeling Dylan 33/1 ew 7 places 
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    donal reacted to richard-westwood in Racing Chat- Friday 29th July   
    Well goodwood seems to be my unicorn bogey course .....ratings just don't seem to be working here for whatever reason ...I've heard of it happening at certain courses  but never seen it  .......so anything can win tbh ..Real ..head scratcher 
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    donal reacted to Budgie 65 in Racing Chat- Friday 29th July   
    520 goo omniscient 9/4-2/1 
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    donal reacted to kensland in Racing Chat- Friday 29th July   
    1.50. Zoffee.     15/2... unpl p
    3.00. Jimi Hendrix        11/1.... unpl 
    3.35. Mitbaahy.               10/3.         unpl 
    singles & double 
    Good luck all. 
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    donal reacted to BillyHills in Racing Chat - Wednesday Aug 8th   
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    donal reacted to BillyHills in Gay Future Coup - Cartmel 1974   
    If any of our younger members haven't heard of the "Gay Future Coup"
    they may want to read the article in the Racing Post today, its a good read and should be made into a film!
    I'm not sure they would get away with that kind of thing in this day but i'm sure plenty of other things have been attempted.

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    donal reacted to Sir Puntalot in Well done BillyHills - an example to all!   
    The horse racing tips have had an indifferent period despite being well in profit, but @BillyHills changed nothing about how he makes his selections and that takes serious discipline and belief that the tide will turn. 
    July saw a record month of profit, touching nearly £5000 from £20 stakes, which is awesome!  
    Myself and @BillyHills have been on PL since the T-Rex was roaming the planet, but I've always said he IS Punters Lounge and a lot can be learned from him, along with plenty of other PL members.

    Spreadsheet results will be updated later today.  
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    donal reacted to Soviet Song in Racing Chat - Sunday May 13th   
    Southwell 3.00 BORN SURVIVOR @ 9/4
    The 7yo often keeps better company than this and should appreciate the drop in grade today.Won off 6lb higher mark last November and not disgraced when 8th in the Grand Annual in March.Open to plenty of improvement on just his sixth chase and yard going well.
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    donal reacted to Soviet Song in Racing Chat - Sunday May 13th   
    Southwell 4.35 SPADER e/w @ 18/1
    Yet to score over hurdles but interesting that Dan Skelton keeps faith with the 5yo.Been dropped a further 6lb for latest effort here and races off mark of 88.This time last year at Kempton he was beaten a head off 104.The Skelton yard has a 25% strike rate in past fortnight and nicely weighted here on 10st6.
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    donal reacted to BillyHills in Swinton Handicap Hurdle Tips & Trends 2018   
    Victoria Cup
    Trends Selection
    9/10 age 6 or less
    We lose Shady McCoy, Charles Molson

    8/10 had a run within 31 days
    We lose Zhui Feng, The Grape Escape, Mr Scaramange, Raisning Sand, Escobar, Sabador, Kynren
    Louie De Palma, Nicholas T, Pouvoir Magique, Makaarim, Six Strings.

    7/10 Drawn in double figures
    We lsoe Keyser Soze, Brillaint Vanguard, Via Serendipity, Poets Society

    8/10 rated under 100
    We lose Firmamentt, Tony Curtis, Silent Attack

    15/21 finished first 5 last time out
    We lose Gilgamesh, Burnt Sugar, Masham Star
      14/21 Won at 7f before
    We lose Repercussion,    18/19 only had 2 or fewer runs this season
    We lose Rip Orf, Sea Fox   Selections 1pt EW Get Knotted 25/1 Betfair
    1pt EW Spanish City 16/1 Bet365
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    donal got a reaction from WiggoBets in Aintree Grand National Tips & Trends 2018   
    well done billy night out with sir puntalot at the lapdancing club
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    donal got a reaction from BillyHills in Aintree Grand National Tips & Trends 2018   
    well done billy night out with sir puntalot at the lapdancing club
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    donal reacted to Bubbles180 in stake size in proportion of the odds   
    It was just a saying 'back what you think will win not matter the price' geez calm down lads, I only back level stakes anyway no matter the price and TBH I have won as much with double figure horses as single figure so it all works out in the end. 
    Well for me anyway.  
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    donal reacted to Valiant Thor in stake size in proportion of the odds   
    IMO not enough is discussed about staking as I think it is more important than finding winners.
    If you cant get through losing runs then you will run out of money before you hit your winning runs and as its the winning runs that actually create the intrinsic value of any part of betting.
    You certainly don't want to be doing what you have suggested above.(unless you can pick 10/1 shots at a similar rate as 3/1 shots)
    With a wide range of odds such as yours (without knowing your ave win odds/bank size/cut off point etc) I would go for fixed return staking ,its safe and no big cash swings,which means no major shocks.
    Say for example IF 100pts is the max your comfortable with staking on an even money shot for a return of 200pts, you should therefore make 200pts your target return on every bet you make.
    For your 3/1 shots you'd stake 200*0.25 (inverse of 3/1)=50pts
    For your 9/1 shots you'd stake 200*0.10 (inverse of 9/1)=10pts
     etc,etc, to get the same returns as an even money shot
    This way your staking the correct amount in perspective to the odds of your selection while at all times remaining within your comfort zone
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    donal reacted to Sir Puntalot in SPREADSHEETS   
    I'm sitting in my mansion with a racetrack running around it and a substantial amount of eastern european poledancers on demand, life is sooooooo good....  

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    donal got a reaction from Bubbles180 in Profitable rates of return   
    thats brilliant bubbles
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    donal got a reaction from richard-westwood in Lincoln Handicap Tips & Trends 2018   
    well done richard
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    donal got a reaction from richard-westwood in Racing Chat - Wednesday March 7th   
    hi richard tried to [ follow your postings] but for some reason they dont flag up on my phone when you post well done with your punting
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    donal got a reaction from Bubbles180 in Stats   
    thank you again  [ was shocked at how bad the profit and loss came out at ]
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    donal got a reaction from Bubbles180 in Stats   
    hi bubbles will you be doing the 4/1 + chart for results and billys  top ten tracks results at 4/1 +   your input is so helpfull              thank you donal
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    donal reacted to Bubbles180 in Big Race Trends - Sat Feb 10th   
    Well done again guys 1st (9/1) & 3rd (25/1)
    Had them both along with Silver Streak
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    donal reacted to foxinexile in Ten Tracks To Follow - Jumps   
    Hi evertorial,
    I'd just like to clarify the above bolded section for you.Coral do offer BOG and you don't have to place bets on the day of the race, it can be done the night before. I follow the PL tips and use Coral as I'm not limited by them (fingers crossed that lasts for a while yet!) and usually place my bets around 7pm the night before. If you look at their racecards and see the words 'Best Price Guaranteed' with a little orange icon which says 'BPG', then you will get their equivalent of BOG if the price drifts. A recent example being Remiluc in the 16:10 at Cheltenham on 27 Jan, drifted from 10/1 to 20/1 and the bet was placed the night before. 
    I think it's been mentioned before that BOG isn't that critical to overall profit, but if you're using Coral and want to place your bets the night before, you'll qualify for their equivalent. I should perhaps also just point out that I'm not affiliated to Coral in any way! But this is just to let you know that you can get Coral's equivalent of BOG prior to the day of the race.
    And top tips as ever Billy, once again thank you and PL for this great (and profitable and free!) resource; I know I'm not the only one who massively appreciates the effort involved!  
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    donal reacted to BillyHills in GT?   
    Hi mate, I was trying to think the other day where I had read some of your posts before?
    I used to scan most horsey forums back in the day.
    I have been here since 2001, seems like a lifetime in the forum world with so many changes taking place.
    I think the GT comes from most people calling me BH? Just me being lazy probably.
    At one time we used to akin this place to going down your local where you could have a chat about anything and argue the toss about the days racing. Those days are long gone i'm afraid as you well know.
    People these days have very little time or inclination to sit at the PC and contribute to a discussion thread, Paul was telling me the other day that 70% of members at that time were actually viewing the PL via a flippin mobile, how you can fully contribute to a forum on a phone is beyond me, but there you go.
    The truth is that people log on, quickly scan the menus, enter the various comps and log off. The odd thread gets some reaction but it usually has to be either giving something away or controversial. The vast majority of posters don't read anything else, sad but true. We are trying to reverse the trend.
    We do our best here and we think we have a good platform for people to discuss anything without being bullied or ridiculed. You may get the odd warrior but thats life and we deal with it.
    We welcome any new ideas for threads but we try not have too many stickie topics as it does put people off we have found.
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    donal reacted to foxinexile in PL tips how do people use these most effectively   
    I've been following the tips for some time now (started off with the Win selections only but now back all selections including E/W) and my only recommendation is to really keep your discipline and don't assume that you're doing anything "wrong". As with all systems/selections/tips etc, there will always be downturns (no system can ever be 100 percent profitable every day!) but if you keep with it, you will see the rewards.
    The only input I can give is that I bet 0.5 percent of my bank per selection (0.25 percent for each part of the E/W tips), so this gives me a potential losing run of 200 bets (which has obviously never happened!) and protects my bank, which is the most important aspect of all. I use ratchet staking, so as my bank increases so do my stakes, but they never decrease and this has served me pretty well.
    You mention that you use Betfair, have you considered using a BOG bookmakers if you can? I use Coral for all selections and whilst a couple might not match the posted prices, they are all usually pretty close, sometimes actually bigger odds than posted. And on the occasions that BOG does come into play (as seen today with Remiluc in the 16:10 Cheltenham, drifting from 10/1 to 20/1, happy days!) you'll get the benefits of this. As far as I'm aware I don't think Coral close accounts, though more experienced bettors will be able to correct me if I'm wrong? I might just not have got to that level of staking with them yet! But as Sir Puntalot says, BOG doesn't masssively increase profit, and I can vouch for that having followed for the best part of a year!
    I genuinely think these are the best tips that are available, especially being that they're free. Keep with them, keep the discipline and I'm sure in a couple of months you'll be in a much better position. Just keep in mind that Rome wasn't built in a day and all that!   
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    donal reacted to Sir Puntalot in PL tips how do people use these most effectively   
    The tips are collectively profitable - is the spreadsheet in Arabic or something?  

    Stripper cancelled until you start talking sense.  
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