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  1. 210 Dn:--Servalan240 Dn:--Charles Kingsley310 Dn:--Max Dynamite345 Dn:--Dream Shot420 Dn:--Tomfre455 Dn:--Arabian Moon530 Dn:--Enjazaat600 Dn:--The Jean Genie
  2. 210 Dn: Ultra Violet240 Dn: Dame Malliot315 Dn: RAYONG345 Dn: POWERFUL BREEZE420 Dn: HART STOPPER455 Dn: Desert Wind530 Dn: Dutch Treat
  3. 150 Dn:__Misty Grey225 Dn:__EMBOLDEN 300 Dn:__TIS MARVELLOUS335 Dn:__Dubai Acclaim410 Dn:__Asoof 445 Dn:__Loxley520 Dn:__ROUNDHAY PARK
  4. What?? Can you give odds of the bookies you haven't used with that particular bet. I've only used about three bookies ever since. Still learning this thing, you know.
  5. Key Choice @ 8/1 Wolverhampton 20:30 - Winner SKYB