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  1. 1 hour ago, Valiant Thor said:

    So your saying its because of the days

    Probably the number of races available to choose from.

    If I have to make 1 selection per day then I will probably be more successful on days where there are more races to choose from.

  2. 3 hours ago, Valiant Thor said:

    You have to ask yourself if all those races were run on a Wed to Sat rather than Sun to Tues with the same horses/jocks/trainers they'd make a profit
    there's absolutely no logic in that at all.

    Whether it is logical or not the selections in the naps table make a profit Wed to Sat and a big loss Sun to Tue.

  3. 5 hours ago, Valiant Thor said:

    I wouldn't say its the "days" that are the relevant factor , more likely to be the class of racing(lower class jocks/trainers/horses) running on these days because they cant get in the decent races @ the weekend . Lower Class greater variance

    You are probably right although my analysis doesn't include details of the class of the race. I may look at including this in the future.


  4. 6 hours ago, Valiant Thor said:

    Flat season and we have 4 jumps meetings today, ,just about sums racing up 🙄
    No selections today

    Personally I don't bet on the jumps after April so it's basically a no bet day for me.

    This is probably not a bad idea, it's good to have a day off now and again.

    The temptation is to force a bet that otherwise you woudn't make.

    This is backed up by an analysis I have made up of the naps selectons, Sunday shows the worst return with a ROI loss of -12% compared to -4% for the rest of the week.

    This is also reflected if I split the week into 2, Sunday to Tuesday shows a loss of -7% whilst Wednesday to Saturday shows a profit of 29 points (0.2%).

  5. 29 minutes ago, Zilzalian said:

    Undeniably the best Jockey and "horse" man ever to ride, people talk about great american jockeys but their job was simlistic compared to race riding here, Piggott-any track, any pace, any distance, any going, he could simply naturally adjust to pretty much any situation. I bet they have a hard job tracking all his money down tho. 

    Very sad but he didn't do bad for a man who lived on cigars and champagne.

    Interesting to read his comments that today's jockeys are better than those when he was riding, I dread to think what some of the comments on here would have been back then from those who are apopletic at the rides of Jamie Spencer, Jim Crowley etc.

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