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  1. typical, feel totally beat, it's like there is a curse on me, West Ham and Leicester were good the other 4 i only needed 1 fkkking win out them and guess what anyway thanks for replying, let me know your plan for next weekend, i will probably stick with this sort of a strategy but i just feel like i'm going to get this sort of think happening how was your weekend? i
  2. West Ham win, 1/6 Just Watford, Bournemouth, West Brom, Brighton and Leicester, if any 2 of those 5 can win i'll be happy now
  3. i've just read some of the other threads, more technical and polished than mine and cautious as in considering a few will be draws, personally i can't back draws, i've just asked myself, realistically can these teams win : Brighton, West Ham, West Brom, Leicester, Watford and Bournemouth, obviously West Ham is the most unrealistic but adds value and alot of excitement if it were to come off as i'd only need 2 of the other 5 to win to make a generous triple and 4 would be dreamland, £1 on 3 selections at 2/1 returns becomes £27, a 4 fold £81 at least and then would include 3 x 3 folds £27 each so a west ham win would be very exciting at 6/1 ish £1 on a four fold of 6/1, 2/1, 2/1 and 2/1 becomes £189 plus the 3 folds x 4 i guess the odds indicate how unlikely it is has anyone ever landed a Heinz? These type of bets seem to have alot more appeal than investing heavily in say Chelsea
  4. Ok I have selected for 9/12/17 Brighton, West Ham, West Brom, Leicester, Watford and Bournemouth to win as part of trebles, four and Fivefolds, a Heinz 57 I'm new on here and seemed easier to create a thread than find i guess many similar threads to this Anyway my parameters are all teams are 2/1 or more to win, smallish stakes, hopefully this is the week, though there is no passionate overwhelming feeling of confidence about any of these. I need 3 of them to win but all 6 would be Boomtown! Anyone joining in, the bet costs £42, potential return over £10,000, 3 of them win should get me money back The way i'm justifying this bet is that i am investing the money i would of spent going to see my team a 200 mile round trip, so a cosy afternoon watching the goal flashes coming in. Any opinions totally welcome, sorry if i am taking on your team, i'm totally neutral regards the premier league, if anyone has any better ideas please share them, i will try to start exploring this site, i am a bit of a loner and only read my teams fans forum but this site definately seems more relevant and helpful