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  1. When do bookies ban you from betting sites?

    They wouldn't have grounds to ban you unless you've done something illegal to make that money. A few years ago I had an incredibly lucky streak where I started with £500 and withdrew £35,000 within a couple of weeks mostly through sports but also a couple of big wins on slots. I got a phone call asking why suddenly my stakes were much bigger than before and basically asking if I was ok and not gambling too much, but there was no suggestion of getting banned or suspended. I have probably put most of that back in during the years since, but such is life. It did buy me a car and a few holidays at the time.
  2. 2017/18 NFL Season Predictions

    I quite fancy the 9ers against Houston this week at 13/10. They didnt score a touchdown last week but they moved the ball well. For his first start Garoppolo looked really at home.