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  1. When do bookies ban you from betting sites?

    They wouldn't have grounds to ban you unless you've done something illegal to make that money. A few years ago I had an incredibly lucky streak where I started with £500 and withdrew £35,000 within a couple of weeks mostly through sports but also a couple of big wins on slots. I got a phone call asking why suddenly my stakes were much bigger than before and basically asking if I was ok and not gambling too much, but there was no suggestion of getting banned or suspended. I have probably put most of that back in during the years since, but such is life. It did buy me a car and a few holidays at the time.
  2. 2017/18 NFL Season Predictions

    I quite fancy the 9ers against Houston this week at 13/10. They didnt score a touchdown last week but they moved the ball well. For his first start Garoppolo looked really at home.
  3. Who is right, me or Unibet?

    Just a quick update. I dont expect the bet to be voided, but they have at least acknowledged the confusion and have credited me a £25 bonus as a gesture of goodwill. I was also just looking at the games for tonight and have seen they are playing again tonight but this time are listed correctly. So at least they have learned from it I guess.
  4. Who is right, me or Unibet?

    Ok, thanks for your help. Lets see what they do. Yes, I've told it how it is. I arent a huge european basketball expert, but I do bet om basketball often so you come to learn a bit about it, and I know Tsmoki Minsk are one of the better teams in that region. The bet in question was in play. The scores were about level early in the 4th quarter and I saw the price was 5/4, which I thought looked pretty good, so I took it. Then I went on bet365 to follow the live scores and on there it said it was the 2 team, which was correct. I wouldnt have selected it had I known that. I guess you could argue that I should checked elsewhere, but I had no reason to doubt that it was the A team playing. I've put in a screenshot below of the entire bet. And also a link to flash scores page for the game.
  5. Who is right, me or Unibet?

    Thanks.;overall I've put a link there to the Belarus league table. You can see both teams are seperate entities. And if you look them up on eurobasket or where ever you will see they have their own seperate rosters. The game in question wasnt actually a domestic league game. It was from the baltic league which is like a europa league type thing across a few countries. But that shouldnt really make a difference imo. I have heard back from them btw and they say they wont be making it void. I have contacted ECOGRA to see what they say about it. It's not a massive amount of money I'm down. Its about £130. But then thats not really the point.
  6. Who is right, me or Unibet?

    Hi all, new to the forum. I don't know how much anyone knows about european basketball, but I placed a bet last night on a Tskomi Minsk game. Or at least I thought I had. It turned out it was Tskomi Minsk 2, the B team, but Unibet just had it listed as Tskomi Minsk. They lost the match and so I lost the bet. My arguement is that due to them being incorrectly named, the bet should be made void. They responded with one of their terms saying that any info such as reserves, women, under 20's etc is treated as supplementary info and isnt grounds to void the bet. Where it gets complicated is that Tskomi Minsk 2 is essentially a whole different team. They have their own seperate playing squad, they play in the same division as the first team against other full teams. A bit like Barcelona B in the Segunda. They dont play in a reserves comp. The two sides play against each other in regular league games. They met twice in October. To me, it is essential that bookmakers make the distinction in this kind of case. So anyway. Its gone back to their traders to have another look. But I just wanted to know what other peoples take on this is?