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  1. Racing Chat - Friday Feb 2nd

    Good old paddy the oscar winning at 15 Great tipping
  2. GT?

  3. The bearer of bad news,systems!!!

    I don't think anyone would discount your system but without context you do come across as as overconfident and dismissive of others research. If you scroll to the top of the page it tells you the profits of Billys ratings system and I'm certain he puts more than a few hours in per day,then you have the forum where there is posters putting their own selections up and on the whole they are successful,they have their own systems too. Over the last 6/7 months I've been backing the selections, I'm a little in front which given the poor start(change from flat racing to jumps) then the indifferent winter we've had it's a good result. As someone said earlier,it's not just the money it's the enjoyment of watching and also learning. I'm damn sure if you started your own thread using your system and putting your selections for the day everyone would take an interest,I certainly would. Whatever you choose to do good luck and good luck to the SSAFA
  4. PL tips how do people use these most effectively

    You also have to factor in that Billy gives a selection for every race,eliminating possible losers is just as important as BOG. You have maiden races,nhf races where a lot of the horses have no form but a selection is given on the remaining horses with very little form to rate on. I always check the draw of all weather runners and also the weather conditions are an important factor at this time of year.Use your own judgment and experience,still look at the race form.
  5. The bearer of bad news,systems!!!

    600k is quite alot of money to me at this moment in time but if you wish I will do a deal with you? I have in my possession a small amount of,let's say magic beans. To cut a long story short the family farm fortunes dwindled and mother decided to send me to market with our last tangible asset..a cow.Now me being bone idle I decided not to do the yardage around said market and instead decided to exchange the cow with the first stall holder I met for the beans which he promised me would bring our family untold fortunes. Now our family being skint an all we have had to downgrade our family home to a two bedroom terrace with just a small buffer garden,hence not having any garden space to grow the bloody things. I'll give you a few days to deliberate,you spill the beans with your secret system and I'll send you my beans first class to you in cloud cuckoo land. Thanks in advance, Jack.
  6. Winter AW System

    Another winner, fancied it myself but only because it's one of my favourite words.
  7. Stats

    Nothing wrong with asking questions btw,I read another website and they are way and above what I know but it's great just to learn from the posters on there,how they work races out. They don't have much success though but it's great reading.
  8. Stats

    Yes the last race is on the flat but it's for national hunt bred horses that are having their beginner runs to introduce them to hurdle/chase environment and not much to do with genuine flat bred horses,good question like.
  9. Racing Chat - Tuesday Jan 16th

    Seems rude not to put a lucky 15 on now, following @Soviet Song Good luck!!
  10. Stats

    No a handicap race can be any type of racing,flat,hurdles and fences(chases).A handicap race means that all the horses in one race are given a weight so that theoretically they all finish at the same time given a perfect race. If you click that link above it describes the kind of race it is,the first race at Hereford is a maiden and all the horses except the last one run off the same weight,the bottom on is a filly so she carries less weight as she can't run as fast as the lads. When they run more than 3 races they are then given a rating which the handicapper uses to allocate weights to the horses in handicap races. Of course they are nearly always wrong and it's up to punters to find the horses which are then well handicapped so they carry less weight.
  11. ATR Stable Stars - FINAL Update

    A winner and two seconds this week
  12. Stats

    More or less this myself,even started leaving out some of the night all weather meetings too.Will back each way 6/1 and above as I get my stake back a few more times.
  13. Racing Chat - Wednesday Jan 10th

    I didn't have a bet but I was sat around bored and remembered your selection from last night,nice one and a great forecast pay out too.
  14. Racing Chat - Saturday Jan 6th

    Welsh national is so hard this year,ground could be bottomless..gone Chase the spud and Beware the bear for my ATR because of their in form. Good friend of mine has gone Mysteree as it's getting weight all round. Would probably go with beware the bear but no confidence with any. Good luck with your selections.