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  1. Australian Open 2018

    I think the event organisers want to maximise revenue and Federer winning his 20th slam at AO will only enhance the event. For me what is really sad that none of the younger guys can raise the bar, men’s tennis peaked 2011-16 and the level has dropped big time.
  2. 2017 Off-Season

    @CzechPunter I am new to this forum but in this short time I have enjoyed and really appreciated your input, chin up and believe in yourself 2018 will make up for 2017.
  3. November 13 - November 19

    Your evaluation was very good, you convinced me to bet match to go to 3 sets. Thanks
  4. I have a couple of angles on this: Me and a previous neighbour of mine used to chat about football regularly, he was a Middlesbrough fan and I used bet backing his opinion and did well but never told him I was betting. I am not a fan of any team anymore, I was a fan of Liverpool from the glory days in the 70s but since 2012ish I’ve lost my passion for them completely and since I’m not emotionally attached anymore I think I am a lot better at predicting their fate.
  5. November 6 - November 12

    Has Novak still got the desire to push himself to the limit and return to top form? If so then it will be very interesting otherwise Rafa and Roger can rule again