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  1. Oh well! Inter killen it off very quickly. To bad
  2. Bet nr 4 Inter - Shakhtar Inter -3 Asian handicap £255@17.06 liability £409 at Betfair Inter looks like the better team overall and will probably take the win here. But we have seen some upsets from the underdogs during last week and this might not be an exception. Shakhtar will go for full speed ahead and Inter will be concentrating on the defence and carve out a 1-0 or 2-0 win to secure this. Happy hunting! VV
  3. Bet nr 3: Winner! Profit : £24.5 New betting bank : (40% of £24.5) £9.8 + £619.2 = £629 Saved: (60% of £24.5) £14.7 + £28.8 = £43.5 The english teams keeps failing and Man U was no exception. Sevilla did manage to handle them in the end. All good for me. Good night! VV
  4. Bet nr 3 Sevilla - Man Ú - Lay Man U -2.5 Asian handicap £25@17.95 liability £423 at Betfair Sevilla is a strong team not letting the other teams score that much. Man U isn't producing goals at a high rate either. Easy call in then end. Let's keep it alive for one more bet! VV
  5. Bet nr 2: Winner! Profit : £24.5 New betting bank : (40% of £24.5) £9.8 + £609.4 = £619.2 Saved: (60% of £24.5) = £28.8 Lyon upset Man city pretty good yesterday. Didn't see that happening but then again it made my bet as solid as it gets. Have a nice sunday! VV
  6. Bet nr 2 Man City - Lyon Lay Asian handicap Man city -4.0 £25@10.94 liability £248 at Betfair Well after yesterdays clash between Barca and Bayern anything is possible i guess. But then again Man City isn't Bayern Munchen and with Aguero injured I don't think Guardiolas men are after a big win. Let's keep the numbers small. Let's keep it alive for one more bet! VV
  7. Bet nr 1: Winner! Profit : £23.5 New betting bank : (40% of £23.5) £9.4 + £600 = £609.4 Saved: (60% of £23.5) = £14.1 Easy start and that is always nice! All the best! VV
  8. Bet nr 1 Barcelona - Bayern Munchen Lay "Correct score any other homewin" £24@14.5 liability £324 at Betfair Bayern is on a roll at the moment and Barcelona isn't the same as they used to be. Barcelona score four times and win the game isn't likely on any planet. Let's keep it alive for one more bet! VV
  9. Hi all! Already started but i could restart today with this new glory hunt. Pretty simple one. I look for valid lay bets on markets like correct score or handicap of some sort. Always lay bet and always a high odds (yes, I know the fastest way to be broke but then again lets beat the odds for once). The profit will be split with some of it going into the bank and some will be taken out. Starting bank: £600 Here goes a lot! Added some visionary but reachable goals to this fantastic quest: 1.st goal - Reach break even in case of a loss - 32 wins needed. Currently 9/33= 27,27% 2:nd goal - Reach 50 wins - Currently 9/50 = 18% - When I reach 50 I'm on a roll and all for fun! 3:rd goal - Reach 100 wins - Currently 9/100 = 9% - A hundred is always a hundred. Got to respect that! 4:th goal - Reach 149 wins - Currently 9/149 = 6% - Nice un-even number! 5th goal - Reach 157 wins - 9/157 = 5,7% - Getting on the leaderboard! (More added along the way if needed) Final goal - Reach 500 wins - Currently 9/500 = 1,8%
  10. Two terrible defences. I should have known. 2-2 bets are always shaky. Oh well, challenge over
  11. Bet nr 5: West Ham Leicester Lay correct score 2-2@29 In-play to win £4.9 after commision
  12. Bet 5 preview: Correct score inplay in game West Ham - Leicester of some kind.
  13. Bet nr 4: Manchester City - Tottenham Lay correct score 0-0@32 to win £4.9 after commision Win! I wasn't able to see the game but I got a notice of a early goal for Man C. Saved: £3+1.8 = £4.8 New betting bank: £158.44 + 4.9 - 1.8 = £161.54
  14. Bet nr 4: Manchester City - Tottenham Lay correct score 0-0@32 to win £4.9 after commision
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