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  1. Burnley SU 1 @2.40-->Loss Chelsea -1,5 @2.09-->Loss Huddersfield SU 2 @3.80-->Loss Watford 1X @2.30--->Win Brighton SU 1 @3.20--->Loss Newcastle X2 @ 2.05--->Win West Brom X2 @ 1.85--->Win (cash out at the 85th minute) and my gut play Manchester United 2 (DNB) @2.00-->Push
  2. After Leicester ties I'm cashing out the double chance on West Brom bet.Some teams just cannot be trusted to keep a result
  3. Seriously Brighton?? Not going to trust the system on these teams for straight up results and look at double chance
  4. Wow Watford really turned the table! Slowly heading to ArsenalFan TV
  5. 1 push 3 losses and quite possibly 4 losses soon ...really getting punched in the mouth today
  6. #LFC announce Sadio Mane has picked up a hamstring injury on international duty and could be out for up to six weeks.
  7. jamiedavies02 did you compile those stats or are they available somewhere? Pretty interesting indeed and quite possibly a simple underdogs system can be created out of it. If underdog in Top 10 and favourite in Bottom 10 play double chance or underdog win should be the play
  8. Personally I have a soft spot for Newcastle since I've lived and studied there a couple of years. They've seemed to be playing better lately and I would love for them if they could get a shot at advancing at the Europa League for starters.The fan base is passionate as it gets and they deserve to have a good team over there though I'm not quite sure how the spending/investments have been going there recently...I'm mean they were just promoted to the Premier League, Now to the picks.This past weekend my system plays were quite spot on though I needed luck for the West Ham win (at the buzzer) and on the other hand I lost the Stoke-Southampton draw for 5 minutes. Here are my system picks Burnley SU 1 @2.40 Chelsea -1,5 @2.09 Huddersfield SU 2 @3.80 Watford 1X @2.30 Brighton SU 1 @3.20 Newcastle X2 @ 2.05 West Brom X2 @ 1.85 and my gut play Manchester United 2 (DNB) @2.00 Best of luck to all
  9. The Newcastle-Liverpool bets cancel each other out
  10. Bournemouth-Leicester for the draw--->WIN
  11. West Ham -0,5 AH--->WIN Manchester City SU 2--->WIN Burnley X2---->WIN Stoke-Southampton DRAW---->LOSS
  12. Adding system play 0.5 unit on Newcastle 1X 0.5 unit on Newcastle straight up Best of luck to all
  13. Adding small unit on a gut play Bournemouth-Leicester for the draw
  14. Crystal Palace haven't score it what seems in ages.Will they get the monkey off their back this week?Personally I am staying away from this game though the -2 AH for Manchester United is a system play of mine. Win to nil is probably one of the most reasonable plays in this matchup
  15. Arsenal -1,5 AH. WIN As soon as teams have played 5-6 home games I'll be more confident in my picks