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  1. I won lots of money from this cup , i saw all games , was good cup for this two games I fancy Burkina 0.5 and Egypt 0.25 Burkina good team , they will play very serious today and close the game and play on counters and will take the game to extra time I believe Egypt for me better team than Cameroon , This Cameroon never face any strong team , even some of their games they suffer before they win late , the first time they will face strong team like Egypt , Egypt 0.25 seem to me very good here
  2. Today for me Morroco -0.25 worth bet here , This Ghana I saw last week when they lost from Algeria 3-0 , Ghana poor team Comoros 0.5 worth bet too , Gabon players now one week without training because they want their money from Gabon FA
  3. I dont know but I have this feeling today That Man City wont win this game
  4. Difaâ Hassani d'El Jadida CA Youssoufia Berrechid CA Youssoufia Berrechid the worse team in Moroco league , they have very bad players in all positions , they have no defense at all !! some of their fans attack them and accuse them of betting against the team , in every single game CA Youssoufia Berrechid defenders pass the ball to other team players maybe 6 to 7 times for sure the other teams will score against them !! this team already Relegated anyway and they know this !! Difaâ Hassani d'El Jadida super team compare with Youssoufia Berrechid and they can win easy anytime , Difaâ Hassani d'El Jadida want to win and have much players and their manager too hungry for win to Renew his contract for next season Difaâ Hassani d'El Jadida 0.25 is dream value
  5. Al Baq'a - Sahab SC this game between the two worse teams in the league , both teams fancy chances here to win points , but last games easy to see the improve of Al Baq'a team , they young and fast and hard to catch them , today they for sure have serious chances to win points Sahab SC losing every round too and play bad , today Sahab SC are missing the best three players too , they have problems to Replace them , beside that the other team players play and know soon they will leave the club , one of worse players they have and with them for sure they will be relegated Al Baq'a 0.5 for me super value here
  6. Rapide Club de Rélizane - JS Kabylie My bet here is JS Kabylie DNB , as players JS Kabylie got better team but as we know away from home in Algeria league never easy , but JS Kabylie team one of the best teams who can and know how to travel away from home in this league Rapide Club de Rélizane fight for Relegation but in game like they will suffer and find it hard , against big teams they always lose AS Ain M'lila - Entente Sportive de Setif Im sure on away win here , Entente Sportive de Setif play to win the league and they know they cant drop points and they better team here AS Ain M'lila players did not train before this game , 3 or 4 days without training , players refused to come and train because no money , same story last game and they lost at home 0-3 this game another hard game against top team with same conditions , they will lose !! Entente Sportive de Setif -0.25 Or -0.5
  7. Ashdod FC Hapoel Be'er Sheva FC true Ashdod FC sold some of their best players but this team still one of the hardest to defeat at home Ground , very hard to beat them there , beside this Ashdod FC got the best manager in Israel league or one of the best indeed , he will know good how to play this game at home . on other side Hapoel Be'er Sheva FC as well sold their best player last season and they will suffer from this , they are not very much ready for this new season and clear to see this from their friendly games results and their performance too weather very hard and dry in Israel will make it even harder I see draw game in 90 minutes and big Value on Ashdod FC 0.75
  8. FAR Rabat CA Youssoufia Berrechid I must first of all Admit this league is very tough , hard to understand how these teams play sometimes , very very Moody and strong mentality , they defend hard as well in this game for sure FAR Rabat is stronger side , but they are not playing at home Ground and no fans and lets say they play for nothing as season ended for them On other side CA Youssoufia Berrechid fight for Relegation and every single for them from today its Do or Die !!! they need points , but they are not super team and the players they have are for sure less quality than FAR Rabat players but the motivation and the fight should be more from CA Youssoufia Berrechid team today and beside this FAR Rabat are missing few key players and manager should change with his lines up and all this can give CA Youssoufia Berrechid small advantage here My bet For sure CA Youssoufia Berrechid 0.75 if you can get and small stake on CA Youssoufia Berrechid 0.5 as well with super odds should be
  9. so who is going to win Cup ???? I wish one day in my life to see England as European champions
  10. Thanks for Al Ahly who finished the game last second and won 0-2 and won good money here too on -1 bet
  11. I will write few bets here worth small stake Only AS Aïn M'lila Paradou Athletic Club I bet On AS Aïn M'lila DNB , they at home very strong and still need points to stay away from Relegation , Paradou sacked the manager last week , this team thet very bad , they care more to sell players to Europe and make money and this team is many Youth players who have no experience , value on home team here NA Hussein Dey CA Bordj Bou Arreridj I bet on NA Hussein Dey -0.75 , they fight for Relegation and at home MUST win this , CA Bordj Bou Arreridj for me almost Relegated , this team will go down and this not surprise as they always get relegated . ASO Chlef Olympique de Médéa ASO Chlef DNB good bet , and ASO Chlef -0.25 Small bet , at home ASO Chlef dont get good results , while away from home they can surprise with strange good games with good results , they need points to be safe , three points will be super good for them , Olympique de Médéa safe already and play without pressure and sometimes dont care even still cant trust ASO Chlef big for -0.25 , small stake
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