** Nap's Competition Result : 1st Barnsley Chop, 2nd Daisychain, 3rd Bathtime For Rupert, 4th Marmalade, KO Cup Tipsterix, Most Winners Calva Decoy**
**June Poker League Result : 1st Autogree £75, 2nd Rivrd £45, 3rd Ian309 £30**


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  1. I like this league , I think Benfica now with the new manager should keep the pressure on Porto and both team will win
  2. I bet on Watford -0.5 @ 1.80 I hope and think his the best chance for them to get three points
  3. This Round I had two bets already Parma 1.25 Atlanta -1.25 I started to watch this league Only when my local leagues stopped due to corona story and from what I saw , I think and hope this two bets look ok far won good from this league after the come back despite I know nothing there , Just betting on how teams play and how I saw their performance
  4. I have this game live on my Tv and I plan to watch it I bet small stake on Kayserispor +1 because they play on Relegation but I might be wrong , No idea about this Crazy league Maybe Im wrong here
  5. despite this defeat for Belenenses but this team have very good defense and played much better than many other teams above them in the league I tried small bet on Porto -1.75 sometimes during the game was not that easy as I expected but nice win , Porto play more serious at the back when it come to defend more than Benfica Porto deserved to be Champions
  6. No im not from turkey but I watch football since 30 years and I know what I watch they sure Fiex some games but nobody will know this ....same as Italian football many years ago , maybe after 20 years we know more about this league Or maybe players dont want the manager so they played to lose still fiexd
  7. you saw Benfica last game ? you saw how their defense opened on purpose to make the other team score the draw !!!! that was more than obviously ? Just like how Inter Milan did last week with 3-3 draw against Sassuolo was very very clear these leagues NOT trusted with these small odds ....easily fixed !!! they became worse than Turkey league even
  8. Thanks for Southampton today I must say , I had small bet on them 0.25 and played one of best games so far this season away from home
  9. I have small bet today on Aston Villa 0.75 I hope they can fight at home and at same time I do remember this Wolverhampton away from home against teams like Aston Villa Can even lose all the three points Hopefully
  10. Arsenal we should send them to Qatar league to play maybe , how crap they are now !!
  11. I like Man United -1 normally after lots of problems and issues with such what happened inside the club and what mourinho said , then we get score like 3-0 win this what happen normally in Arab leagues , I hope same theory Work in EPL
  12. Haras Al Hedoud X El Dakhleya Bet On Haras Al Hedoud DNB @ 1.70 Bet365 home advantage here very clear