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  1. I like Man United -1 normally after lots of problems and issues with such what happened inside the club and what mourinho said , then we get score like 3-0 win this what happen normally in Arab leagues , I hope same theory Work in EPL
  2. Haras Al Hedoud X El Dakhleya Bet On Haras Al Hedoud DNB @ 1.70 Bet365 home advantage here very clear
  3. Entente Sportive de Setif - Algeria X AlAin - United Arab Emirates Bet On AlAin - United Arab Emirates X2 @ 1.72 at Bet365 second league game , Algerian teams won first leg late 2-1 , they never played serious and gave many easy chances to Al Ain who missed it all this game can be boring game again from algeria team and Al Ain sure will try to Avoid another lose here this game will be played in croatia so no fans and no pressure I see Value on Al Ain here to NOT Lose
  4. no bets for me in this two games , Only pray and hope England to win this semi final
  5. As Fan since I was kid , all the way I support England , hard to win this world cup for sure but I pray we beat Sweden and make it to last four at least , so no bet for me because all my emotions and nervous on England here But I had small bet On Russia 0.5 Only this Round
  6. those Asian leagues never trust , most leagues there like Indonesia and Vietnam and korea and others are dirty leagues
  7. I had small bet on away team here , I remember this game good Algeria league very tricky and hard to predict all bets small there
  8. From now bet on Saudi Arabia to NOT lose from Egypt
  9. I already placed small bet on Honduran -0.25 to beat Australia , but Im not sure if this good bet because I always fear trusting such teams like Honduras !!! but Australia not special anymore from what we saw
  10. Mali -- : -- Ivory Coast : myself from what I saw I like more Ivory Coast -0.25 , i know hard to bet against home teams in africa but from what I saw Ivory Coast will be closer to win Morocco -- : -- Gabon : Gabon +1 worth small bet here , Morroco still NOT dream team and Gabon called good players for this game so tiny value on Gabon Cameroon -- : -- Algeria : game mean nothing for both teams here so no reason to bet , maybe Cameroon closer but not -0.5 for me Uganda -- : -- Ghana : Uganda DNB worth for me after I saw them in this Group ! very good team and can defend and attack and at home will be hard to stop them , beside that I feel Ghana maybe give them the points to hurt Egypt Chances Nigeria - Zambia : Over 2 can be easy from how both teams play very open , sure Nigeria should win but no bet -1 , over the best bet here Cape Verde -- : -- Senegal : Senegal -0.25 for me , Senegal best team in this Group and away from home they play better Guinea -- : -- Tunisia : Tunisia -0.5 very very easy !!! Tunisia beside they stronger , and Guinea play for nothing , but Tunisia one of most powerfull teams in African football who can easy buy games from those African teams , should be easy win here
  11. Really hard game this !! I know Australia far from the best but Syria defense big problems here if this game was played in any arab country I would maybe go for syria but in malysia I dont know Syria got help from Iran last game and that why they are here now now against Australia mmmmmmmmmm Really very hard , I think Australia not trusted but Syria 0.75 worth small bet Only maybe
  12. Im abit lazy due to back pain , I wish i can share all my bets here last night was really good , Crap I was in pain and could not set and write I try my best next coming days to post some picks
  13. Iran and Syria I would say the best two friends on this planet but will Iran help them ? never easy to go against Iran at home in front of 60K myself I had small bet on Syria 0.75 I bet China -0.25 as Qatar will use new players , some of them youth and poor , again to trust china not easy as well , but I only bet because China manager I bet Iraq DNB after I saw UAE miss so many key players