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  1. So do you back all the bets or are you a bit more selective
  2. Despite reading this a few times still unsure how to pick aweekly accumalotor. How do others go about it?
  3. Thanks for prompt reply as always and for clearing things up. Keep up the good work!
  4. Is the profit of £15,000 to £20 stakes from backing every tip in every race? If so far too much risk has any body found and does it include the nap and daily treble? da way of narrowing things down? Also why do the tips on the home page differ to the tip on the actual race cards? I'm guessing the profit is from the home page selections?
  5. Is this software still available? Clicked on your link but shows an error
  6. Think I've got it but iguess prediction won't work until 4 games played. May Have to read it a few times to get my head around it. Can an accumalator be worked out for this weekend?
  7. Look forward to it and lots of winnings. Hopefully
  8. Will i get notified when its done? Or will it be added to the mobile site?
  9. Where abouts can i find your guides to the elo ratings how they work and how to use them? Great app btw