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  1. Odds dropped significantly. Bit too late to make any Liverpool move right now. Maybe some value in Over/Under markets.
  2. Liverpool already 1.47 for FA Cup. I know they will put in some 'B'-players but even then...they are playing against relegation candidate League One who certainly isn't in form. -1AH @1.77...very tempting. Wouldn't touch the Over 2.50 @1.68 though. If Pool takes 0-2 lead, we can't be sure they score the third goal. Will wait for some news who plays.
  3. Changed my mind too Over 2.50 @1.97. Wolves are scoring most of the time at home and Liverpool, eventhough they didn't concede in last 7 premier league matches, still looks vulnerable at times. Combined with fact that Liverpool looked tired last 15 minutes in Devils game, I think goals are coming in from Wolves side. And if Liverpool is a little more efficient they can also easily score 2 goals. 1-2 or 2-2 most likely outcomes.
  4. In my opinion not much alteration is needed, but the odds movement suggests the odds will rise further, so that's why I wait.
  5. Dubbing about Liverpool. Yes Wolves are good (decent?) at home, but are they that good? We are talking about Liverpool! Recent Wolves matches aren't that great, so how is the form really? If they start against Liverpool the same way as they did against Southampton it is curtains. Yes they did win from City, but City played 80 minutes with 10 players. All in all; I think Wolves are massively overrated and I'm just waiting for the odds to be better.
  6. Latest info suggests Rashford won't play. And because he's such an important Manu player at the moment, this means disaster for the Devils. I pull the trigger on Liverpool -1 AH @1.80 then. At home in this form no English team will stop them and certainly not Manu without Rashford. 2-0 or 3-0 most likely outcome in my opinion.
  7. ManUtd +1.5 or we have solid information that Rashford plays?
  8. I hope odds on Devils (+AH) rise. At the moment they are a bit short imo.
  9. Well, the bet is in. 3+ goals was surely not out of the question this match. Good chances on both sides. But hey, who has ever seen a match were all chances were promoted to goals I think 1-2 was a more fair result. Liverpool wasn't doing that much in last half hour (which almost got them in troubles). First half Liverpool was far better.
  10. Don't know the bet builder. Don't have acces to Bet365 either.
  11. I think you're mistaken here. Under 3.50 pays better then Under 3.00? At time of writing it's 2.30 for Under 2.50 and no bet for Under 3.00.
  12. Odds on Tottenham - Liverpool for Under 3.00 are 1.90 at my bookie. I think it's a good bet: Tottenham has many injuries and one of them is Kane (11 goals). Also, but far less important, Ndombele and Sissoko are out (both 2 goals). Liverpool also has some less important missings, but still they are missings; Liverpool hasn't allowed a goal in 9 out of 10 recent matches; I expect Mourinho to use a (very) defensive approach against Liverpool (as he normally does against stronger opponents, but surely if a key-striker is missing); If Tottenham takes the lead I expect a even more defensive approach. If Liverpool takes the lead maybe they will take the foot of the gaspedal, because next week Manchester United awaits. All-in-all I don't see many goals coming in. Why not Under 2.50? Well the possibility margin isn't huge as 1-2 / 0-3 (and even 1-3 [I think a Tottenham win is out of the question]) are also possible outcomes under these circumstances. I don't want to take that risk either and 1.90 is absolutely good enough for me.
  13. After a lot of football betting the fun was gone and I now only focus on NFL. Mostly 1-2 bets a week. Trying to hit 80% rate. Last season it was 75%. Before that one it was +-65%. For Week 1 I had Chiefs -3.5 @2.05. Looking for Week 2 spots now. Tempted by the Cowboys -4.5, Rams -2.5. Later this week I will finalize bet(s).
  14. Bit late, but I have Vikings (-5.5), Ravens (-6.5), Broncos (-3.0), Rams (-3.0), Steelers (-5.5) and Packers (-7.5). Most worried about the Packers. Took them before the Mack trade. Steelers also some little concern because I thougth Bell would play. This my first year as NFL bettor hoping for glory.
  15. To be honest...the bets didn't work out as expected. It could easily have been 3-0 and 2-2 (and any other outcome). Ajax was the better team, created more, but Sturm had also some strong chances.