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  1. this broker is similar to assian connect? The problem is that i have to send and receive money by skrill and govermant will notice. does bet-ibc have fee/comission or they help freely?
  2. I am spanish and we only can bet in .es bookies, wich odds are horrible. Why can i do if a i want to use a .com account? If i go to UK, i register a account of a .com bookie, this bookie wils pass data to uk's government or spanish's goverment? If spanish goverment know that i am playing with a NON .es account, i can be in trouble, but i don't know if .com bookie will pass my datas. How is regulation in UK? Do you know cases in wich a spanis/italian or portugues goes to UK to get a .com account? Explainme this,please.
  3. this bet, does not appear in bet365.es only in .com?
  4. I think there is value in ATLETICO. I surprised that madrid and barcelona @1,9... That show a very high rake/fee/comission, because you have tho add the probability to win the other 18 teams. Sloud be madrid and barcelona @2,1
  5. whay? explain the message, please. thank you
  6. help me please
  7. about 3 question, i said that if is possible to watch in internet the bet shop's odds. I explain, i don't want to go a bet shop and watch that odds for a match are bad. I prefer to watch the odds in my hose and only go to the shop if are good, in order not to do a walk "in vain" thank you
  8. How many is the rake in fisical poker (not online)? explainme a little,please
  9. In spite of online bookmaker, to bet in a bet-shop. Odds are good or are bad? Thank you
  10. Please i am from Spain but i love UK because bets do not pay taxes. Please, tell me information about bet shop (phisicall machine bets), not about online websites. 1-The odds are much worse than in websites? 2-in span, the people make the bets tiping in machine. In UK is the assistant/worker who make the bets? I ask if i must to go to thew boy or lady and tell him o tell her "50 pounds to win Valencia againt Sevilla" 3-Is possible to know the odds in internet? I mean if there's a web that show machine's odds, in order not to go to shop in vain. Thak you so much.