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  1. brokers

    bet-ibc is assianconnect?
  2. rank my planning

    I am spanish and in Spain only can play at .es bookies, whic odds are horrible. My planning is... go to UK, meet some person and that person will open a bookies account at his name and that he tell me the username and password in order to me to bet from Spain with a VPN. is this a good planning? do you think that any other person have made this anytime?
  3. brokers

    list all you know please. I need to know if they are reliable. I only need tax information
  4. tje gulty is the shooping cashier, who don't look well the identifying card what about cameras?
  5. bet shop

    it is nonsense what you say. If a creat my account, the bank's data will be mine, don't?
  6. bet shop

    So, broker does make any other thing beside create the account? Maybe he receive the money from my winnings (cash out) and he send me? tell me a little more,please.
  7. betfair.com

    i want to know how many markets does betfair offer. In spain we cannot enter to .com In .es there are very few markets. For instance, in champions final, there is not the possibility to bet at winner of the final. Take a picture,please, on a premier league match, or spanish match. thank you
  8. brokers

    Please, tell me the more inf you can about brokers. I am spanish and we only can play at .es bookies, which odds are horrible. Which are the most reliable? Thank you. When i want to set a bet,for instance, betis to draw at camp nou, i must do the bet or a i just have to tell them to bet?
  9. In Uk, people know Asensio? people love asensio?
  10. bet shop

    explaime this, please
  11. bet shop

    please, show me betting sheet
  12. bet shop

    in spain only can play at .es bookies. In UK it is necessary to have resident, home,bank account...It is no easy
  13. obtain a english account

    this broker is similar to assian connect? The problem is that i have to send and receive money by skrill and govermant will notice. does bet-ibc have fee/comission or they help freely?
  14. obtain a english account

    I am spanish and we only can bet in .es bookies, wich odds are horrible. Why can i do if a i want to use a .com account? If i go to UK, i register a account of a .com bookie, this bookie wils pass data to uk's government or spanish's goverment? If spanish goverment know that i am playing with a NON .es account, i can be in trouble, but i don't know if .com bookie will pass my datas. How is regulation in UK? Do you know cases in wich a spanis/italian or portugues goes to UK to get a .com account? Explainme this,please.
  15. Next Crystal Palace Manager

    this bet, does not appear in bet365.es only in .com?