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  1. Non-League > Feb. 12

    That’s why they were 18/1 ! Sounds like BH have Enfield a really good go, 2nd half domination not good enough to make up for dreadful 1st Half though
  2. Non-League > Feb. 12

    I’d oppose Enfield whoever they were playing at the moment. Even Burgess Hill shouldn’t be 11/5. Also....Am I missing something...Lowestoft to bear Billeracy...18/1 (SkyBet) had them more along the 10/1 lines.
  3. Non-League Predictions > Feb 3rd

    Thanks Darren! I like Kingstonian away to Enfield @21/10 Enfield are bottom of form table for last 6. Last week they got thrashed by Thurrock who I watched the week before lose to Merstham and they were AWFUL!! Kingstonian don’t set the world on fire but @21/10 against a struggling Enfield I see value.
  4. Non-League Predictions > Jan 1st

    My 16th Merstham game on Monday...will I finally see them win?? who knows!! Got to be one of the most unpredictable teams around! and so 3/1 on Worthing may just be a good bet!!
  5. Non-League Predictions > Dec 27th - 30th

    Can't see many big price winners around. Hopefully I am wrong, awaiting Darran's thoughts. Aldershot, Barrow, Boreham Wood, Leyton O and Tranmere all minus 1 shouts... Aldershot - 21/10 Barrow - 7/4 Boreham Wood - 3/1 LO - 5/2 Tranmere - 11/10 227/1 - £5 of my hard earned cash will be going on that. It wouldn't be the biggest shock ever if Halifax won @ 4/1. I like Marine @ 29/20. Stourbridge are on an awful run! Witton vs Barwell - I like the X2 here @10/11
  6. Non-League Predictions > Dec 9th

    Decided to have a closer look at this and done some quick analysis... Up to the Tuesday Merstham game in 36 days they have used 24 players for 13 games!! The following featuring; Pennant 11 Julian 10 Urquhant 10 Konchesky (Left) 6 Inman 11 Swaine 7 Deering 12 Theo 13 Paine 10 Modeste 8 Walker 7 Waldren 9 Robinson 13 Cunningham 13 Kizzi 8 Watt 8 Evans 8 Bricknell 6 Wheeler 9 Chambers 7 Giddens 4 Foley 1 Olukanni 1 Taking all that into account it looks like the majority of the 1st XI have played between 8-13 games in 36 days! That is a mental amount of football!! I am now thinking of looking for who has a Staines -1 market!!
  7. Non-League Predictions > Dec 9th

    Billericay must be shattered by now! So Staines, on a nice run of form and with a strong home record look tempting at 11/4. Other than that I see hardly anything else I like in the Bostik Prem
  8. Non-League Predictions > Dec 4th - 6th

    This was one of my favourite tips in a long long time! I got on at 11/2 - thank you!
  9. You get on in play on Sky Bet now
  10. Non-League Predictions > Nov 18th & 19th

    Are Harlow worth a look at 5/1 given they have 4 wins at home and Billericay play 3rd game in 5 days and got beat tonight?
  11. Non-League Predictions > Nov 13th - 15th

    Merstham vs Billericay was boys against men. Billericay were very very motivated and well drilled. Merstham played OK but lacked fire power and the injuries keep mounting up!
  12. Non-League Predictions > Nov 13th - 15th

    Has anybody any insight? Merstham are going through a rough patch. First Team coach has put an official statement out asking for big crowd Tuesday as all the players are desperate to get back on track. I’ll be in attendance, my 15th game...will this be the first time I see them win??
  13. Non-League Predictions > Nov 11th

    Ryan Hall is a quality player but he turns up when he wants to. I haven’t been unimpressed In what I’ve seen but others have been impressed. He does score goals but if the chips are down??. Just like Merstham, extremely unpredictable!
  14. Non-League Predictions > Nov 11th

    Backing Merstham - oh dear... I’ve seen Merstham play 15 times ever and I’ve seen them win 0 times! Can you believe it! That said they are a talented, quick team all be it so so unpredictable, so it wouldnt surprise me if they win! Addia will be suspended but I dont see that as a big loss. Hayen Bird to masterclass another away win at 13/8...go on...small stakes
  15. Non-League Predictions > Oct 31st & Nov 1st

    A real go on Concord in the market! I got on at 13/5 thanks to Darran, now into 19/10 on SkyBet. Off to FA Trophy match at Merstham tonight, no idea what to expect, they are so unpredicatable! Only Bet Victor has it priced up but wouldn’t touch it