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  1. Think it was Pablo Cuevas. It also handed Verdasco a seeding.
  2. Taking Jos ButtlerO30.5 on Marathon
  3. It's difficult to decide who tops the list, but the top contenders are Paire, Tomic, Fognini and Klizan. Don't think there's anyone worse than these four. Kyrgios seems to have an improved attitude this year and especially the last two months.
  4. Yes, apart from just the injury rumours, it is also the fact that Fabio has had a good tourney so far while Kei has really struggled. I watched Kei yesterday and he was shockingly bad. Delbo only has himself to blame for not putting Kei away. That is the reason I'm going in favour of Fabio for a set handicap, but as you say, Fabio is a highly unpredictable player to bet on, ideally should be left alone along with the usual suspects such as Klizan and Paire. Just keeping my fingers crossed that a motivated Fabio turns up.
  5. @Czech - What are your thoughts on the ladies matches? Kerber and Konta look good for wins I reckon
  6. Back after a bit of a hiatus, Fabio to win a set @5/6 with Bet Fair Sport Watched Kei play yesterday and it was an almighty struggle for him, he was very up and down and made far too many unforced errors. His movement looked lethargic and the temperatures didn't help either. He has another afternoon match scheduled for today which shouldn't make things any easier conditions wise. Apart from this, he also took a medical time out with what seemed to be a knee injury. If Delbo had not choked big time in the 3rd, Kei wouldn't even be here. Meanwhile Fabio has been playing really well at Miami from what I can see and hear. I see this being a struggle for Kei and could easily see a three setter here, going for the safer option in case clown Fabio has a brain fade.
  7. J.Benneteau to beat F.Lopez @11/10 with Bet365/Betfair Sport Benny has the advantage of going through qualies here and that is usually huge in a 250 Event. He has the home support behind him and will be motivated to do well. He generally plays solid from both wings and possesses a reasonable serve and return. Most importantly Feliciano will have to play a good game to beat him which I don't see him doing. His form and fitness are questionable. He recently stated that he's dealing with muscular issues and playing with a lot of tapes on his back. His Davis Cup performance was very ordinary, his serve and volleying which are his best weapons were not working well. He was the prime reason Spain lost in doubles. I could easily see him coming here to collect the cheque and not putting in maximum effort which will be required to beat Benny in these conditions. Good Luck Gents!
  8. Rafa Nadal to beat Roger Federer @1.84 on Bet Fair Exchange Firstly I expect Rafa to recover fully well from his epic semi final encounter against Dimitrov. Quite a straightforward pick this one, like Czech mentioned, Roger suffers from a really bad match up. I expect Rafa to keep pounding away on the single handed backhand until it breaks down. More so, Roger's defence currently is not as good as Dimitrov's and I expect Rafa to get more easy points as a result of this. I was also impressed with Rafa's willingness to come to the net and cut points short when necessary. Roger will serve well for the first set or so and will be hard to break, but once Rafa settles into a rhythm with the groundies, it'll be a hard grind for Roger. Expecting Rafa in 4 and if there's any truth to Roger's injury, then that might add that bit extra in Rafa's favour. The only way for Roger to win is to completely blow Rafa off the court, that might be possible in a best of 3 but really can't see it happening in a best of 5. Good Luck Gents
  9. Looking forward to Liquid's preview for tomorrow's game. I found today's game a bit awkward at times with the several oscillations. Stan injured at the end of 2nd set, looked down and out and then he demolishes Roger for the next two and just when it seems like he might run away with the match, he gifts a game away on his serve and BOOM Match Over. Any chance at all that this was played to script by Roger and Stan, of course the idea seems absurd, but the match and more so the end result very much seemed like it.
  10. Taking this nice and early - Goffin to beat Thiem @8/11 on Bet365 I watched Thiem play both against Thompson and Paire and he's not on his game 100%. He's making a lot of unforced errors and his balls aren't hitting the lines like how they were last season which is what made him so effective. He's getting a bit impatient in rallies and is pulling the trigger too early too often and this usually results in an unforced error. Goffin who in my opinion has a better defensive game than Paire is going to expose this with his defensive skills and movement. Goffin is also a fairly good and accurate ball striker himself. And finally, Thiem had to be assisted by a physio multiple times during his game today. He required some massage with his arm, although this could be precautionary, this is also an added factor.
  11. Massive hello to all the punters here, I've been an avid reader for a while now. I'm now going to join in the fun and give my two cents. I'm quite surprised to see Roger as the favourite against Nishikori. What are your thoughts on that? Surely, Roger is not match ready yet in a best of 5
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