** July Nap's Competition Result : 1st Rainbow, 2nd Trainmad091, 3rd Zidane123, KO Cup Bathtime For Rupert, Most Winners Alastair, Goodwood Comp: Glavintoby**
**July Poker League Result : 1st Craggwood £75, 2nd Like2Fish £45, 3rd Rivrd £30**


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    Results - Betting Round 3 Everton 2-1 Arsenal West Ham 1-0 Burnley Crystal Palace 1-2 Man Utd Current Balance: €406
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    Weekend > Dec 17th - 19th

    Leicester away? Just back the home team. They are heading for relegation dogfight and 1 tactical win over Man City won't change a thing.
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    Jim Best - Suspended for 6 months

    Just pushing my previous post a bit. If we agree that it's perfectly reasonable for the trainer to give the owners the nod when the horse is at its best, is it reasonable to give the owners the nod for a "small" lay when the horse is not -? WITHOUT actively stopping it which is clearly unethical / illegal ?
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    Weekend > Dec 17th - 19th

    @StevieDay1983 Still moaning about it. To think that they haven't won in Goodison Park in a while. I don't know what came to me.
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    Midweek > Dec 13th & 14th

    Congrats on ticket. Otherwise I see what you are trying to say, and I agree with that. On my recent passed coaching license our professor was all the time talking about this influx of foreign talents, but anyway I think that they should do it better anyway. And about Germany.. they're connected team. Really connected. Even if some key players are from BVB, mainly they were from Bayern and with good "friends" on the pitch is everything easier. Just take a look of Spain 2008, 2010, 2012. It was actually whole Barcelona with few players from other clubs and everything worked perfectly fine (7 or 8 players in 1st lineup + 1 coming up from the bench). After 2012, Barcelona started changing (we were used to see 7-8 home-grown players in first eleven, now sometimes happens that there are just 2 or 3 of them. There is much less home-grown players than it was before, there is more and more foreign players (similar like Real Madrid), which means that national team is mixed as well. Anyway favourites did they're job in this round, but Manchester City as if they don't have enough problems.. lost another key player - Gundogan.
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    Jim Best - Suspended for 6 months

    What does this say about owners that stick with him (or his wife)? Now owners reasonably expect to be given the nod when the trainers feeels the horse is at its best, though they shouldn't expect it to be stoppped on other days.
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    Quick update Nottingham Forest 1-1, West Brom 3-1, WON £34.36 Bank now £166.22
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    10% of bank

    Quick update Liverpool & Chelsea both won, WON £70.39 Me Too Nagasaki 1st, WON £33.33 Total won £103.72 Bank now £703.11
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    Yet another losing game round; albeit quite small. Next post will be the games for this weekend, which I won't be able to update until the New Year. Total Staked: 623,56 Total Returned: 598,18 Profit/Loss: -25,38 New Balance: 974,62 ROI: -2,54% Yield: -4,07%
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    Latest Tables - December

    Dec 14 10 winning bets today
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    Today was clearly about Bridges, strange eh
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    1.50 Newcastle Typical classified event at this time of year full of horses who struggle to win. Go George Go is atleast unexposed unlike the remainder of this field, showed very little in maidens on turf but took the switch to the AW and handicaps in good style. Coming off the pace to win over CDin race where the front 2 came from off the pace. Although at this level its hard to predict what these sort of animals will do but you usually get plenty of pace as often trainers try different tactics. He should have a lot more to come compared to the rest of this field. 2pt win Go George Go 11/4 Betfair Sportsbook
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    He should have got 6 months in nick, fecking hate when trainers feel the need to do that, why would ANY punter be happy, it takes the piss and in a very big way. Run them to WIN, when will they BAN that Lay bet PISH ? The Lay bet does nothing but entertain CORRUPTION
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