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    Your New Year resolutions only last for 13 days? Only thirteen days ...? THIRTEEN days??? My first game of the year, too. Good luck all.
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    Heniek has persuaded me to play for the first time this year Good luck everyone
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    Congrats Hen. Apparently my 'stars software has been upgraded and I didn't recognise anything - took me so long to find the Home Game tab that I missed the start
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    Wow, that was nice. Good to be in an old crowd. It was my first game online in months. Played 2 more along and cashed in both as well. Well done winners and thank you for added cash .
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    Well done winners. Please private message @Paul Ross with your Skrill account details. 1st $50 heniek 2nd $40 joker131 3rd $30 teaulc 4th $20 Kevathallam 5th $10 ooblio
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    joker131@ pokerstars 2nd
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    There was some late reg but possibly closed if you were just looking before your post. However I've noticed in my lobby that Home Games doesn't show unless I click on the additional menu (More) down the right hand side, not sure if that's same for all or just my screen size. Thank you to everyone who turned out tonight. Good luck. Don't forget to post on here if you finish in the top 5 so we can advise you how to claim your share of the added value. Paying $50/$40/$30/$20/$10 via Skrill account, with many thanks to @Paul Ross for adding this. Think I may be going back into retirement!
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    Thats me registered.
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    Waggys Final Curtain

    Result: Sheffield Wednesday won 3-2, WON £184.62 Profit to date £2577.95
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    Poker Achievements 2016

    Online MTT wins with 1,000+ runners
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    Waggys Final Curtain

    £300 Sheffield Wednesday to beat Bolton @8/13 Can't see Bolton living with Wednesday. Could be leg weary after playing on the Eastleigh pitch. I think this price is generous. Going for the bigger bets for the moment as they seem to be paying off.
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    Applied for Poker Club, awaiting approval
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    I'm in. Will be first game of the year.
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    If signing up to Skrill for the first time, please click on the linked word Skrill in the opening post or this one. This is the official Punters Lounge link and helps the forum to keep providing all of the content and added value events for members benefit. Many thanks. Let's get a good number regged & taking part to prove that it's worth running a league later on in January/Feb.
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    Happy new year and merry Christmas.If I don't forget, I will join you
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    I'm in, cheers Al&PL.
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