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    jamdog666 Guest

    Default Best football tipsters?

    Not sure if this is the right section but I'm curious to know what free tipsters people use.

    This season I'm following the Top 10 tipsters from last season at Betting Advice whose profit ranged from +72.8 to +156.5 with yields of between 12 and 29 per cent. At £1 per point last season's tips would give a total of £1080.70. I know a good season is sometimes followed by a bad one and I'm working on the assumption that between them they will do half as well (£500). I'm also following Paddy Whiting from Football 365 whose tips picked up £537 last season.

    Personally, I like tipsters to show their results in a clear, prominent table and keep their analysis to a paragraph or so.

    Anyone else know any other good ones?

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    MC Roller Guest

    Default Re: Best football tipsters?

    I would say footy4cast was one of the better free advice services on the net, hope this doesn't get me in trouble.

    Always gives good analysis with the picks, unlike some free sites I could mention, who only tip up odds on favourites all the time.

    Some very good results last season, which are proofed, you'll find all the details on his site at the botom of the page somewhere.

    And no he hasn't paid me before anyone asks.

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    Default Re: Best football tipsters?

    Footy4cast gets my vote also.

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    Run Dmc Vs Pat Nevin Guest

    Default Re: Best football tipsters?

    I've made a few quid off Backhander's tips this season. Would have been even more if he'd sent his tips out a bit earlier.

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    Tristan13 Guest

    Default Re: Best football tipsters?


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    jamdog666 Guest

    Default Re: Best football tipsters?

    Thanks for the responses, chaps. Footy4Cast - funnily enough I was looking at this site last night (along with a bunch of others) but didn't notice his record. I've read it now and I'm impressed - good, consistent stuff. I've had a small stake on his Southport tip today.

    Betaholics made my short list of sites to watch from this long list: recently.

    I was a bit confused by the layout and navigation at the time but, again it's a good record. Are you something to do with the site, Tristan?

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    mike2283 Guest

    Default Re: Best football tipsters?

    jamdog, i have also been following Paddy Whiting and and even if he only makes half the profit he did last year then it's still gives me a lot of betting cash to play around with.

    as far as bettingadvice is concerned, i followed the premiership tipster who made 150units+ towards the end of last season although i'm not sure if they're doing it again this season.

    around march i was in contact with one of the two (two guys tipping under the one name) and he mentioned that they have been planning to set up their own site for years so maybe they've eventually got it together. they also didn't post up any bets at the weekend.

    i'll try and locate this site if it does indeed exist - could be very profitable

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    jamdog666 Guest

    Default Re: Best football tipsters?

    I think they've got someone Mike because they regularly advertise for tipsters in other leagues and I haven't seen them ask for tipsters for English Premier. It is strange they haven't had any Premiership tips up yet. I've just mailed Terje and asked if Jone and Kenneth were returning this season. I'll post here if I get a response.

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    jamdog666 Guest

    Default Re: Best football tipsters?

    That was quick....

    "Hi James

    Yes, Jone and Kenneth will feature this season as well. I''ve got a confirmation from them today, infact.

    I think the Premier tipsters are waiting to see the development in the early rounds, but I expect the tipsters to bring some picks forwards soon.

    Thanks for recommending Bettingadvice. I'm glad you like the site.


    Terje Grefstad"

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    Parahandy Guest

    Default Re: Best football tipsters?

    I thought Backhander charged for tips?

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    backhander Guest

    Default Re: Best football tipsters?


    I do! And worth every penny they are too!

    If I was to recommend a free tipster, I would say Footy4Cast.

    Follow the progress of the best (and worst) free and paid subscription tipsters on the net at Joe's Tipster League at

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    Markpl Guest

    Default What about worst football tipsters

    I love the bloke in the mirror Derek Mc Govern he is probably one of the worst tipsters of all time, I love the way he accumalators which have absoutley no chance and one of his favourite phrases is 'this happended for a while so take the 1/33 on it'. It always cheers me up on the train on a saturday, the only real question is who he's working for Ladbrokes anybody.

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    mike2283 Guest

    Default Re: What about worst football tipsters


    glad to hear about jone & ken - thanks for going to the bother of sending an e-mail.

    think i'll stick two or three pounds on per point which, allowing for a severe dip in their performance, should still return well over £100.

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    bcrazy Guest

    Default Re: One of the best free ones

    Just thought Id better mention because they have a weekly freepick which has won for the past 6 weeks running. Today they tipped Somerset @ 11/10- they are now 4/7. Shame I promised myself I wouldnt bet on any of these tips, I think I might change my mind.

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    DigitalMonkey Guest

    Default Do any of you Guys have any info on a 'TONY ANSELL'

    I looked at his record for the past 6 months and it looks terrible compared to some FREE Tipsters that are out there.
    He charges £75 a Month or £300 for 3 Months

    He runs this service and is also an odds-complier for victor chandler bookmakers.Sounds a bit Dodgy ?

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    Footy4cast Guest

    Default Thanks guys...

    Nice to hear some kind watch me have the worst losing run in the history of mankind !!!

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    sarge Guest

    Default Re: Thanks guys...

    What about following me?
    See my three for saturday thread.
    My first tip of the season so I've a hundred percent record.

    Probably beginners luck lads!I'll be trying some of these tipsters you have mentioned.


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    Footy4cast Guest

    Default A suggestion for Jamdog re: Bettingadvice

    ...the top 10 tipsters often do not have the best yields on betting advice. If take a couple of hours out to look at the respective yields of all the tipsters, you will see that some have better yields than the top 10...its just that the top 10 often place more bets thus have a higher point profit.

    For instance my div 2 yield is higher tha all the top 10 of last season at 33% but I do not get into the top 10 as my point profit is not as high ( fewer bets ).

    Perhaps increasing the stake size on the higher yield bettingadvice tipsters could earn you even more? Either way 1000+ points is very handy !!!

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    jamdog666 Guest

    Default Re: A suggestion for Jamdog re: Bettingadvice

    True, but high yield over a short-term period can be deceptive. If someone's getting a decent yield long-term it's more reliable than a higher yield over a smaller number of bets. If Joe were here he'd come on and say something about robustness I think.

    I think you're right though - it is good to keep tabs on the other guys - just to see who's coming up.

    If you're Darrin then I did back your last tip on Betting Advice and I intend following the rest over this season. I'm getting RSI in my mouse click finger from following my ever-growing stable of tipsters. :b

    Anyway, thanks for the tips and keep up the good work.

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    Footy4cast Guest

    Default To Jamdog

    £50 Free Bet!
    Yep...I am Darrin.

    See your point entirely. Maybe a bit of both though might be more profitable.It would be interesting to see? However your right too many cooks might well spoil a broth that is tasting pretty good for you already by the sounds of things !!!

    Either way BettingAdvice has a lot to offer anybody prepared to spend the time finding out who is sharp or not.

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